THE ART OF BECOMING; Living Life To The Fullest While Allowing It To Unfold In Peace – A Word of Guidance

THE ART OF BECOMING; Living Life To The Fullest While Allowing It To Unfold In Peace – a word of guidance for the Aspiring, perhaps struggling, Lightworker, straight from my heart and personal experience.
I thought I’d share a bit of my story. I get a great number of messages from people who feel drawn to the world of spirituality and who dream of becoming a professional in the field of healing or mediumship etc. Most of them are sad, frustrated and stressed, feeling that a lack of money keeps them from pursuing their dreams and goal.
We live at a time in history where people have become conditioned to WANT – and to want whatever they desire RIGHT NOW. And unless the desired outcome manifests within a certain, desired time frame they feel disappointment and their energy drops. Frustration enters the picture. Today’s popular mainstream (and Big Buck) spirituality, sadly, helps to reinforce that notion as well, by preaching that anyone at any time can have whatever they desire with a mere snapping of fingers.
Now, as we all know, if we want something in life there are certain steps we need to take in order to eventually get to where we’re going. And in the world of energy the reality is that in order to manifest something positive that brings joy, we need to stay in and hold a matching frequency; namely joy, or anticipation, or excitement. The universe responds not to “wants” and wishes, it responds to the main frequency we send out, in each and every Now.
If we get stuck in a rut of disappointment and frustration, perhaps a feeling of hopelessness, then THAT is the frequency – and as such, the “order to the universe” – that we send out.
Life is a journey. It has no beginning and it has no end. Every experience in life – from the happiest, most beautiful moments to the toughest, most grim and difficult to endure – is a stepping stone on our path of BECOMING. Becoming the full spectrum of what and who we truly are.
This means that even during the periods in life when we SEEMINGLY aren’t getting anywhere close to where we, in our minds, plan or wish to go, we’re STILL BECOMING. We are becoming the one we’ll need to BE, eventually, that day some time in the future when the door to, say, the right education opens up.
Nothing is wasted in life; no event, no hardship, no happy moment no time past by, it’s all just bits and pieces along the way that help SHAPE and FORM us; a diamond in the rough slowly getting polished. Especially so if we fully take in each moment, each life occurrence and also LEARN from each and every situation and experience. That part of the equation, of course, is vital and the very thing that WILL speed things up.
Seen from that perspective it becomes easier to Let Life Unfold, without dozens of preconceptions of “hows” and “whys” and “whens” – and this kind of ‘settling down’, within, does indeed help us stay grounded, stay focused – one task at hand at a time – and in peace, no matter what. And once THERE, you hold an energy vibration that works in your FAVOUR, rather than bring in more of the previous frustration.
When it comes to the more major decisions in life, such as what we want to do for our own personal growth and satisfaction, or for a living, we must first look at the current situation with a sober, crisp and 100% HONEST gaze.
We live in a 3D reality within which there are certain rules, rules we can’t dismiss just because we’d much like to. Step one is to understand and accept the rules, and then figure out how to work WITH them, rather than endlessly ignore or fight against them. Unless we actually BEGIN – from the very point where we’re currently standing, in a grounded, realistic and conscious fashion, we’ll never get anywhere at all.
So, if money is the issue at hand then the starting point would be to ask ourselves:
“how do I fund my dream of becoming, say, a professional lightworker?”
And then the next step would be to do whatever it is you NEED to do to act upon the answer to that question.
Perhaps you’ll have to take on an employment that appears to be something you’d rather not do, but that, as a matter of fact, might be JUST THE RIGHT THING since it will indeed provide you with the income you need in order to one day, further down the line, be able to start taking those classes, courses and what not that will then help you become the trained professional you dream of being.
It WILL be a PROCESS, dear soul, that I can wholeheartedly promise you. A step-by-step manifestation, rather than an instant one, because that is how life on earth is orchestrated.
I was 20 years old when I – very emotionally damaged and a complete mess, all in all – booked my very first physical healing session. A healing session that in and of itself turned my whole reality around. WITHIN, that is – NOT in the outer reality, mind you.
What turned my inner world around – in an instant – was the immediate insight I got; the realisation that THERE WAS INDEED ANOTHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND BEINGNESS = WELL-BEING – and in that moment, quite possibly for the first time since I was a toddler, I REMEMBERED and KNEW what that means.
It was a “light at the end of the tunnel”-experience for me, this immediate KNOWING what “whole within” meant, and with it the absolute conviction that THAT was indeed where I was heading, from that moment on – should it take me the rest of my life to get there!!
The other insight was “this is what I’ll be doing one day. I WILL become a healer one day myself”. I just KNEW. Wholeheartedly – mind, body and soul – and beyond all doubt.
Due to the inevitable twists and turns of life, and the universe’s built in ‘demand’ that ‘only once one is ready comes the teacher’, thirteen – 13 – years went by before I
1. was ready
2. was able to find the right teachers/school/education, and
3. finally had the life circumstances and financial means to sign up for just the right 2-year education to become a physical healing therapist for ME.
(And little did I know then that that though it WAS my ALL at the time and truly changed my life, it was still simply the very, very beginning of what’s now my multifaceted life as a spiritual professional, guide, healer, distance healer and open energy channel…. But it was the basis, the basics, the foundation, as well as the great opening, around which all the rest could then slowly, over the years, be birthed and built)
Knowing where we’re going rarely means that we’ll be there, signed sealed and delivered, as in “all done”, within a conveniently (from the ego’s point of view) short amount of time.
Life itself, all experiences along the way, forms and shapes us into the beings that will, once THERE, be receptive, open and humble enough to soak in the knowledge and deeper understanding needed for the next great step or leap.
Then, and only then, will we find the openings for said next step.
I know this isn’t what one wishes to hear in a moment of frustration, stress or impatience, but if looked into and at least seen as a plausible possibility, then life WILL be much easier.
Every step you take – wherever you are in life; no matter how far or not you believe yourself to have come – is simply The First Step towards the next “level” of your own, personal growth. And this will be just as true once you’ve become a healer or whatever it is your heart desires.
Don’t give up, whatever you do. Hold that vision, work on making those goals possible to achieve, while TRUSTING that life will bring forth all that you need in order to get there, when the time is right.
Please be loving and patient with both yourself and life. You WILL get there, but you won’t get there before your time has come. You can speed things up by doing the advised or necessary work, planning and execution each day, but none of us can force circumstances.
And in the meantime; do what you can for YOU on a regular basis: take a physical healing treatment once in a while, listen to clearing-energy raising meditations (there are TONS of those, all free, on youtube, for instance), sign up for online newsletters that inspire you in your every day life etc and so on.
Each small step, each little thing you CHOOSE to do, and follow through with, is what will bring you the “prize” at the end of the road. And without them, it will forever remain a distant mirage on the horizon.
May you stand firm in your knowing, your faith and your trust in YOU and Life and this magnificent Universe of Possibilities!
Much love,
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